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uhhh just ignore this

i just wanna be skinny and pretty 🙍

this girl has told me I look like gage golightly aka erica from teen wolf so many times since it aired she’s literally such an angel

I did a dumb thing today whoopsie

it is so goddamn easy to text white boys it’s like following a script


lipstick game: off the charts
hair game: seven years old

this selfie got me a dick pic

it’s so great how i can be working out and eating super cleanly for almost two months

and have only lost two pounds 

…so like when are these meds supposed to make me start feeling better it’s been three days and I don’t feel any different

let’s pray that when I go to florida in a week and half that wwohp: diagon alley is open to the public bc I’ll cry if it opens the week after I’m there

isn’t it funny how i made a personal blog and even with only ten followers on here i still mostly post on my private blog bc i’m afraid

how how HOW how how can literally all of my friends be these shining beacons of self love/body positivity light while I still hate everything about my appearance like HOW do I still have this mindset why can’t I make it go away